Sunday, February 11, 2007

Feb 2 Shows: Mara Hoffman, Akiko Ogawa, Nicole Miller

Friday, Feb. 2 kicks off the official start of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Here I come, Bryant Park!! Producer IMG's 7th on Sixth has lost its uber sponsor, camera-maker Olympus, after 6 seasons at the tents. In came Daimler's Mercedes footing the marketing costs. The co. occupied a good chuck of the tent space with two new C-class vehicles, each cost around $140k. Talk about wasting limited tent space.

Tokyo's based designer Akiko Ogawa gave a collection that was punk and almost freakish. Her season's theme, British rock star softened into feminine forms, translate to sending models down dressed in half-tailored coats and eskimo fur hats. The last thing she needed was models wearing bobbed black wigs. A tad bit cliched here, don't you think? The only consolation was her use of vintage obi belts in black silk gowns, which captured the elegance of east meets west beautifully.

Mara, Mara, Mara: What were you thinking? Hopping to the Mara Hoffman show at the Altman Building, tee-shirt/jeans clad male models greeted goers by handing out Fiji bottled-water. That was a nice touch. Hoffman attempted to break away from her tree-printed jersey staples by going into structurally cut separates that were neither edgy or special. Sure, her use of zippers at the back seam of skinny pants was sexy as hell, but stick with the jersey dresses. The hemlines went way way up this season. I guess Fall 2007 will be another season where Wolford tights will do extremely well among fashionistas.

Nicole Miller: Miller celebrated her 25th birthday with the name-sake label by sending out a collection that was strong in design and innovative in silhouettes. Following several seasons where Miller traversed her fashion from Celtic mysteries to Mayan explorations, she captured a collection that reflected the mountain spirits of Peru. She mixed strong separates with patterns beautifully. Miller is one of the few designers who can use pattern in her designs without being tacky, and this collection reflected her strength in this area. She is a designer who knows what she's doing and knows what her customer wants. No wonder in the fickle world of fashion, Miller was able to withstand its changes and survived for 25 plus years.

From Top: Akiko Ogawa, Nicole Miller.

Photo Credits: Getty Images,, WireImage


Scott said...

For those who fall for the image of pure, clean bottled water:

"In the summer of 2006, FIJI Water angered many Clevelanders when it ran magazine ads for its bottled water with the headline "The Label Says Fiji Because It's Not Bottled in Cleveland."

Cleveland water quality manager Maggie Rodgers responded by running tests revealing that FIJI bottled water contains 6.31 micrograms of arsenic per liter, while the city's tap water has none.

Fiji countered by saying its own tests found less than 2 micrograms per liter"

FIJI water has 2-6.31 micrograms of arsenic per liter. Tap water, 0.

The Fashionable Matilda said...

Yes! I heard you mentioned taht before.

It's all about the marketing, unfortunately.