Sunday, February 11, 2007

Feb 3: Best Emerging Designer: Three as Four

WHO: Three As Four

WHY: The marvelous circular seams, the feminine forms, the colors!! Designers Gabi, Ange and Andi showed a sophisticated Fall collection that oozes mysticism and elegance. Models traversed through the grand salon of the National Arts Club in romantic layers of silk/ruffles that spoke volume. Asymmetrical hemlines were a must, and so was a vintage leather jacket that was cut so close to the body it looked like it had been draped on the model's body. The combination was immaculate. It was Three As Four's best show to date, and arguably, one of the best show of the season.

WHAT would I wear if I'm going to the Oscars: I'd like to thank the Academy in that succulent aqua gown that made Irina Lazaraneau looked like Narnia. Then again, that purple cocktail number is simply divine as well -- perfect for the red carpet stroll!

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