Sunday, February 11, 2007

Feb 3: Rock & Republic

Rock & Republic: The Front Row! The wait in the cold! The Garrad diamonds! The music that shakes the filling of your teeth! What else would you expect from the maker of $200 designer jeans? First off, the show, which was staged at 42nd st. Cipriani, made all its participants wait in the warmth of 10F degree weather for almost an hour. Everyone hustled in to find Cipriani turned into a stadium style boxing ring, with a long runway in the middle. Front row celebs mixed in with the crowd of onlookers mixed in with the papparazzi mixed in with the poor waiters carrying trays of free champagne. It was a mess; it was almost epic.

Once everyone has settled down (an hour later), designer Michael Ball sent down the runway a slew of looks that would look great for MTV or the music award show circuit. Tight black leather pants were paired with tailored coats and Asprey & Garrad diamonds. Ladylike black sheaths were cut so close to the body you'd think the models were dominatrix for hire. The looks were pure rock and glam, with furs and diamonds galore. Great music such as Paul Mccartney's Live and Let Die and Linkin Park/Jay-Z's Dumb vs Encore accompanied the finali. And Ball HAD to come down the runway while opening up a bottle of champagne, and sprayed the front row and models a la Formula One style.

Now that was Glam for fashion week.

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