Friday, February 23, 2007

Feb. 5-9: Max Azria, Anna Sui

Feb. 5-9: Adding to a whirlwind week was work mixed in with a slew of Fashion Shows. Hello, missed RSVPs!! Two shows were worth mentioning despite my continued absence of most daytime shows:

Max Azria: My FIRST Anna Wintour sighting!! The entire Vogue team sat front and center at the Max Azria show. I did a double-take at this ominous 20+ years label. I didn't realize the maker of BCBG garnered such attention generally bestowed on the likes of Marc Jacobs or Oscar De La Renta. On second look, Max Azria's fall looks were fresh, sophisticated and wearable -- perfect for the average Vogue shopper.

Max Azria layered signature pieces such as chiffon LBDs with rich-colored cashmere sweater coats. Jewel-toned skirts in fabulous lame were cut in this season's bubble shape. If BCBG is the mademoiselle, the Max Azria collection will satisfy the madame in all of us.

Anna Sui: Punk! Rock! and Layer layer layer!! Anna Sui has yet again sent down the runway a collection that would appeal to the rockers in all of us. Unlike other designers who presented lady-like silhouettes, Sui layered her looks with lace, wool and a bit of leather. The Anna Sui girl has a bohemian edge mixed in with the toughness, as reflected in her hard edged motorcycle boots and accessories. A newspaper print silk dress that was sent down the runway would surly be photographed to death this Fall by the fashion press.

From Top: Max Azria, Anna Sui.

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