Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Dressing: Part I

My colleague tells me today that spring will officially arrive in about a week. Warmness! Sun! Flowers blooming! Most women celebrate the changing of the season by altering various pieces in the closet. Put away that dark, heavy wool coat. Bring out that bright red Vintage lady coat!

While I am sad to say buoy-bye to my army of black Wolford tights, here are a few bright things that make me look forward to spring dressing:

1) The Trapeze
Trapeze shape is HOT this season. I don't care if others say we look pregnant. We favor tent like shapes that cover parts of our bodies, exposing some other parts. I'd argue that in volume there's sexiness. What is the trapeze? It's a shape that goes tighter and slender at the top and gradually flows into an exaggerated wider bottom. Think A-Line blown up 100 times.

2) Skinny pants vs Wide Leg pants
Ok: I must admit that after 3 seasons of seeing women in stovepipe, matchstick-like skinny jeans, it is a HUGE relief to see wide leg pants coming back this season. The Spring silhouette is all about juxtaposition and irony. While you have just splurged on a fabulous trapeze top, here I am telling you that wide leg pants are back. Hello! They don't go together.

Don't fret. Skinny pants are still here to stay this season. When paired with a volumnous top, skinny pants can still look quite glamorous. Going for the wide legged look? Pair your pants with a slender, long flowing tunic or cropped vests over long t-shirts. This is a look that has a lot of mileage.

Remember: Spring's silhouette is all about playing with volume. If you go big, go petite and simple for the rest. If you play fuller-up up top, go slender at the bottom. And Vice Versa.

Photo Credits: Style.com

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