Monday, March 19, 2007

Stella Mccartney Goes Target!

Don't get your hopes up ladies!! The Target here pertains to the Australia department store, not the Minneapolis-based mega chain. Still, Aussie women responded to Stella Mccartney's one-of-the-kind capsule collection with the same frenzy as her H&M collection from two years ago. 42 pieces of cleverly-designed dresses, coats, sweaters and blousons are meant to appeal to the Down-under's Fall season. However, for the rest of us buying for Spring there are still plenty to choose from. Go for her printed silk blouson and yummy cocktail dresses.

You can buy only select pieces from this fabulous collection on Ebay Stateside. However, as most hot items are, you may have to pay a premium. If you are patient, it's best to wait until some of the demand and prices have gone down.

Try Ebay keywords: Stella Mccartney Target

Check out the full collection here:

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