Friday, June 22, 2007

Anya Hindmarch: A World of Difference

So bear with me for one more post about this "I'm not a plastic bag" bag - or rather, this whole bizarre phenomenon surrounding the bag.

Anya Hindmarch upper east side's store clerks really pampered their eager shoppers. On the day of the launch, they handed out fresh breakfast pastries and bottles of water for those who stood in line as early as 5 a.m. I've never been to a sale where clerks are this thoughtful. Nice touch. H&M should really follow their example.

Then, I went on To my surprise, the company was selling the bag online! As I tried to put 2 bags into a virtual shopping cart, a bright red disclaimer message popped up. "You are not eligible to buy this bag."

I didn't realize I have to meet some sort of eligibility requirement to buy a $15 canvas bag. I felt like one of those poor souls who reject. "Is it my bangs?" "Is it my occasional psychotic behavior?" "Is it my obsession with stovepipe jeans and crocs?"

Nevertheless, rejection of any kind is not a good thing, especially to an eager consumer who's very willing to open her wallet. A not so nice touch.

Then again, on, one can buy a "I'm Not a Smug Twat" bag for 20 British pounds plus shipping. The bag is a reaction to the IT-bag phenomenon, a reaction to the craziness of fashion.

Maybe I'll buy that instead and proudly tote the real message.

Photo credits:, The UK Dailymail.

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