Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Designers worth seeing: Part 2

WHO: H Fredriksson

WHY: Swedish designer Helena Fredriksson creates sculptural pieces that use fine art techniques such as silk-screens and original photography in her designs. A self-taught fashion designer with a formal background in the fine arts (not to mention a Gen-Art alum), Fredriksson's creations evoke a quiet elegance and sophistication.

She likes to mix the opposites, such as loose sihouettes with tapered shapes, or playing with the feminine/masculine aspects by doing sharp tailoring with plunging necklines. It is this balance that Fredriksson believes it epitomizes her brand's identity.

WHAT TO SEE: Watch out for a sculptural spring collection in subdued colors such as dusty blue and gold.

Taking inspiration from the old Havana and historic buildings, Fredriksson created her designs with an intention that beauty is acquired over time. Denim will also play a bigger part in this collection. All in all, not bad for a designer who dresses Scissor Sister's vocalist Ana Matronic for the tours.

Photos from top: H Fredriksson, H Fredriksson Fall 2007 collection, H Fredriksson Spring 2007 collection.

Photo credits: New York Magazine, H Fredriksson

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