Wednesday, October 31, 2007

REVIEW: Manolo Blahnik Press Sale

Ladies, this is not an urban myth or a Sex in the City line:

A Manolo Blahnik sample sale does exist in New York.

In a town known for its fabulous sample sale, the bi-annual Manolo press sale is considered the creme de la creme of sample sales. Sure, it isn't glamorous to claw your way to a few pairs of artfully decorated Italian shoes. But, the price factor and the exclusivity of it all will drive any sensible, sophisticated woman to caveman behavior.

The Fashionable Matilda's Diary is one of the few lucky participants to witness the latest Manolo press sale. We have been trying for two weeks to track down the date for you with no avail. A kind soul tipped us off yesterday about the sale, literally at the last minute. We apologize that we couldn't share the news with you all.

The scene was a lot more civilized compared to last year's sale. Maybe we got there too late (about an hour before they close up shop), but the hordes of eager shoppers/editors were nowhere to be found. Pairs and pairs of Manolos were piled up on tables like mountains, with a few strays hanging lonely in their plastic bags or on the floor.

The selection was huge this year. We found a few pairs dating back to the early 90s. (Remember those bright colored mules Linda Evagelista wore in the 90s and photographed by Bruce Weber in Vogue?) There were also a few rumored pairs that came from the Vogue closet. Certain fur-lined boots looked great on their own but looked like chinchillas on our staffers' legs. The prices ranged from $100 for plain leather sandals/pumps to $550 for over-the-knee boots in exotic skins.

Our ultimate pick? A pair of black and white suede Oxford pumps that will go well with all of Fall's menswear trends. Given the opportunity, we would do it all over again (but maybe go at a later time to avoid the crowds).

Where: The Warwick Hotel, 65 W 54th St., New York, NY
When: Ahh.. that's the question. The Manolo Blahnik Press Sale occurs bi-annually, so count on one happening after 6 months. The sale is open to the public starting at noon.

Photo from top: A scene during last season's Manolo Blahnik press sale.

Photo credit: Papermag

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