Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fashion Week Scandals! (and other happenings)

A Marc Jacobs show is not a Marc Jacobs show without its share of scandals.

Just when the fashion press was fed up with the ever-postponed MJ show start time (I didn't make this up; New York Magazine and the NY Times have written extensively on this matter), WWD reported today New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has leveled a multicount indictment against 69th Regiment Armory former superintendent James Jackson. Jackson allegedly extorted money and goods from his vendors -- such as the likes of MJ and the Ramsay Art Fairs, WWD reports.

A little bit of background: Seaons after seasons, MJ and Marc by MJ shows occurred at the 69th Regiment Armory; and seasons after seasons, MJ's shows were conspicuously delayed due to "samples issues" or "key pieces not yet arrived" from the designer's Soho studio.

Lost samples everytime? I think not... There has to be something way more complicated than that. Now that criminal extortion charges are revealed, I have a tiny suspicion that the real victim here might be the Mighty Marc himself. Don't blame the man for postponed shows. At least he delivers EVERY TIME.

You can read the WWD story here.

On another note, Anne Bowen, whose show is slated for this friday, Feb. 8, will be postponed due to an illness within her family.

Interested parties may email for images when they become available.

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