Monday, April 28, 2008

An Ode to Maternity Fashion: Part I

Ah Spring. Spring is the season that calls for renewal and change. In my case, this spring especially bears new meaning as I'm expecting this summer! Between preparing for the baby and learning the new joys of parenthood, one thing that stood between paying attention to the fabulous spring fashion is my growing waistline.

This multi-part series is an ode to my two-months long quest (I'd call it obsession at this point) to find the perfect spring wardrobe that can withstand the heat of summer AND the demands of pregnancy. This series is dedicated to all the new moms and moms-to-be out there (you know who you are!) I hope that my journey can help you find the look that's fabulous AND comfortable -- even when you don't feel like so!

April 1:

I'm officially 5 1/2 months pregnant and showing with a bulging tummy. As the temperature rises, my sweaterdress-tights-boots looks are literally TOO HOT. Need to find suitable Spring separates that can grow with my belly.

April 4:

Found a great beige trapeze jacket at Zara. The short, beige coat-look looks like the one found at Burberry's Spring 2008 collection. It looks great with J Brand's love story maternity jeans or stretchy black T-shirt dresses from H&M. Wore this coat to death for 3 weeks until the temperature reached above 65F.

April 10:

Blame it on global warming - the temperature reached above 65F almost daily. It is one of those strange days when you see some people still bundled up in black down jackets while others are wearing sundresses and flipflops. Confronted with the prospects that most of my dresses don't fit me anymore, I have to go shopping -- AND stay on budget for the baby fund. "Woe" is me.

April 11:

Everyone warned me about giving birth in the dead heat of summer. "Ooh! Summer baby! You'll be so big AND have to carry all this weight in that heat! Poor you!" I've decided to combat this problem by wearing lightweight, airy dresses until I give birth. Gone will be the pants with the big, wide belly bands that makes me sweat. Officially, I've started my quest for the right summer dress. -- Edith Moy.

(To be continued...)

Photos: J Brand Love Story Maternity Jeans, Burberry Spring 2008 Coat from

Photo source: J Brand,