Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fashion Week: Michael Kors

To find good American sportswear, Michael Kors is your man. This season Kors paid homage to everything that represent nostalgic Americana -- you'll find wearable separates such as circle skirts and track suits done in bright stripes, polka dots, and feel-good gingham. This is very much a collection reflecting the good ol' days of the 50s and 60s when America enjoyed its post-war prosperity. Everything is bright and big; it is a collection that reflects much optimism and hope for the future.

Swimsuits in black and white polka dots are paired with circular skirts cinched at the waist. Tracksuits came in silk with bright blue and black pin-stripes. Dresses were reminiscent of the housewives 50s dresses with bright red or black gingham. A few sheath in bold black and white and jackets remind us of the Kennedy years when Jackie Kennedy (not O) donned her politically correct outfits while standing by her husband's side.

Kors' inspiration came from the summers of Portofino -- but whatever the mood he wanted to convey, this is a collection that very much reflects the political climate as of late, especially in election year.

Photos from top: Michael Kors Spring 2009 collection, Michael Kors at backstage, Backstage note to models, Models walking on the catwalk.

Photo source:, Edith Moy.

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