Sunday, September 7, 2008

Model.Live: The Good Reality TV Show

It is hard to find good TV nowadays as the medium is blanketed by slews of bad reality-TV shows. This is not the case with Vogue.TV's latest venture, Model.Live, a show that documents the rise and fall of three upcoming models. It is reality-tv at its best -- and the way it should be, as the show follows the journey of the models as they fight their way to the top in the harsh terrain we call the modeling industry.

The heroines of the show are Cato, Madeline and Austria -- three girls who came from different backgrounds but with one common goal: to be successful in the modeling business. In hope of having a chance to walk the runways during New York Fashion Week, these girls have to endure long hours and harsh criticisms by industry insiders, not to mention self-sacrifices and their need to leave their homes and families at a ripe young age.

The series depicts a surprisingly honest view to a business where looks and glamor are paramount to success. It also shows the more human side of models, who similar to the rest of us, have the same insecurity issues and lead ordinary lives. The models featured all had humble, ordinary backgrounds, with a strong sense of independence and the support of loving families. This perspective is very much in contrast with the glamor and finicky that describes the fashion industry, where most associate models with immaturity and shallowness.

If you'd like to learn more about the industry, forget about watching the bad reality tv such as the likes of Top Model. This is the show for you.

(Catch Model.Live every Friday on Vogue.TV.)

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