Monday, February 2, 2009

Marc Jacobs to Cut Fashion Show Guest List

According to New York Magazine's The Cut blog, Marc Jacobs would cut its upcoming fashion show's guest list by 1,300. Citing the economy and the ballooning costs to maintain the show, Marc Jacobs is cutting the number of invitees to 700 from 2,000.

Here's what Jacobs' business partner, Robert Duffy has to say about the subject:

"This isn't the time to spend the money to entertain the entire world…. Everybody thinks it costs the same money to entertain 500 people as opposed to 2,000 [when you've got the space]," Duffy continued. "It doesn't. All those 2,000 people still need to be seated, they still need to check in, this one needs this, that one needs that, and you know what? It's very costly."

The show will be showing at its usual spot, the 69th Regiment Armory, despite earlier issues with a bribery indictment and fines with one of the site's managers. According to NY Mag, typically 1,100 sit while 900 stand, but this season only 500 to 700 will sit while 200 will stand, with virtually all of the standing spots this season going to employees.

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Photo source: New York Magazine.

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