Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fall Fashion Report: The 80s Revival

Blame it on Marc Jacobs, or Balmain, or the bevy of designers who are bringing back shoulder pads, pleated trousers that tapers at the ankle, or big hair (Yes, I mean hairsprayed, teased BIG). For Fall, 80s is coming back with a vengence. Big and bigger is the new modern - a juxtaposition of the recession minimalism we've seen from past seasons. If you have the attitude, take yourself out of your comfort zone by going a little bit overboard - pile on that statement necklace, or try on the boyfriend blazer with big shoulders. That's the idea. -- Edith Moy.

PS: Aren't those Christian Louboutin boots WICKED? They reminded us of the ones Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Women. Pair these with a short mini-sweater dress or tight jeans for an updated look.

Photos: New York Magazine.

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