Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Week: Mik Cire Erik Kim

Theme: Military rules, opened with olive and khaki knits. This show has a more relaxed and easy feel compared to other Eric Kim's presentations. Very befitting for a spring-summer collection.

What's Special: we still love the tailoring, especially a summer blazer cut in leather. However, we are in love with the easy, asymmetric jackets in neutral palettes and a black plaid vest. Why can't men wear vests and be casual at the same time? Love the finale deconstructed trench!

Take away: Heterosexual menswear casual doesn't need to involve Greenich CT preppiness. Wouldn't it be great if our boyfriends or husbands dress more like that?

Wear-ability: 7 (10 being the most wearable).

Photo Credits: Getty Images

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