Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Phoebe Philo's Celine Look for Less

What: Phoebe Philo has always been a darling of the fashion world and an editorial favorite. Since her comeback at the helms of Paris fashion house Celine, editors and anyone who loves fashion start to clamor for anything Philo designs. The boxed shoulder bag? That's hers. The minimalistic daywear trend? A lot of it is her doing as well. Nevertheless, whatever Philo does next the sartorialist fashion
world would follow.

Want to get the look without mortgaging your apartment? You're in luck. Gap is releasing some of the most amazing striped shirts for fall, with this one in red and blue which looks really similar to
Celine's fall lookbook. Zara also has some amazing silk blouses that resembles the winter runway look.

Whatever you do, keep your look minimalistic. And add that boxed shoulder bag in a color that pops!

Photo Credits: (From Top: Celine, Gap, Celine, Celine, Zara).

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