Friday, August 31, 2012

Blogs We Love

Fellow bloggers stand together, root together. Few blogs we're absolutely obsessed with right now:

(Photos: Paris versus New York. Photo credit: Vahram Muratyan)

Fellow Californians Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny's pet project. In addition to sourcing fabulous pictorials and cool sartorial choices (not to mention a PinIt option for any photographs on the site), we're especially obsessed with their DIY section. Those yummy bracelets just inspired us to make things instead of buying things - thank you Erica! 

We've always admired Karen Blanchard's non-chalant cool. A Brit transplant in New York, Blanchard started her blog to document her treasured fashion finds and answer that eponymous question "Where did you get that?" I met her few years back during a Doo.Ri presentation. She was wearing the most fantastic men's fedora hat paired with black blazer, cut out denim shorts, ankle boots and a fringed shoulder bag - YEARS ahead before everyone caught on the hat/blazer/shorts trend. Karen - if you see this - call me. Love to catch up with you over coffee.

Paris vs New York

OK - so this isn't exactly a fashion blog. But we always have a soft spot for Paris and this is way too good to pass up. Parisians and New Yorkers always note the similarities between the two cities - and now through the illustrations of Vahram Muratyan, Paris vs New York tracks contemporary paradoxes through tiny but telling cultural aspects of the two cities. J'adore!
Note: Muratyam published a visual book earlier this year called - you guessed it - Paris versus New York, a collection of his sharp, witty designs once appeared on his blog. The book, published by Penguin, is available at Collette and A Prada t-shirt collaboration is also available as part of the SS12 strastopheric collection.

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