Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fashion Week: Jill Stuart (Video)

Fashion Week: Herve Leger by Max Azria (Video)

Fashion Week: Tory Burch (Video)

Fashion Week: Custo Barcelona

What: tribal patterns re imagined in soft, feminine silhouettes. 

Take away: déshabillé dresses in shimmery tribal prints are paired with beautiful coats. Despite the array of beautiful colors, the effect is subtle yet elegant, thanks to the heavy use of Lurex thread fabrics that give the clothes a nice sheen. It's wonderful to see the label moving away from its signature print dresses or tees to do something more sophisticated, such as a tailored jacket in intricate prints. This is a strong collection that appeals to a wide range of personalities - from the meek to the vivacious. 

What we love: the tailored jacket and overcoat in a beautiful tribal print. A kimono sleeve dress in a gorgeous hot pink print. 

(Photos to come) 

Friday, September 6, 2013

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Fashion Week: VPL

What: workout clothes for the modern millenia

Take away: VPL has always been the go-to for hybrid between lounge wear and sportswear. By presenting the collection at a Chelsea's private school gym (with models exercising with trainers), designer Victoria Barlett has moved beyond her "inner-wear turns outer-wear" philosophy by turning workout wear into literal sportswear that transcends beyond the gym. VPL (named after the abbreviation - Visible Panty Lines) , despite the cross-over, still functions her sportswear among the core principal of functions, comfort and versatility. A tee-over a sports bra can easily be transformed into an elegant top fit for dinner. A jacket with bat-wing sleeves can be the perfect accessory to a LBD. The fact that Barlett has transformed clothing into a multi-functional wardrobe says a lot about the versatility in her designs.

What we love: the strappy color-blocked flat sandals that look like sneakers. They go perfectly with any VPL creations.

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Fashion Week: A Detacher

What: cerebral fashion that's high on intellectual aesthetics but not so much in embracing the traditional feminine forms.

Take away: A Detacher is almost compared to as the States-side Marni, as  designer Monika Kowalska devotes her whole collection in exploring the introvert side of fashion - designs in complicated silhouette but drapes elegantly on the body that one makes you think about what's construed as the conventional sense of "beauty." In her program titled "lets do it together," Kowalska explored the inquisitive and intellectual side of her fans by seeking for emotional states of her wearers as an inspiration of her collections. Even in the descriptions of her rundown sheet - the items explained the emotional state of her models instead of describing what the actual item of clothing really is. A Detacher isn't a brand for the masses but it's easy to relate to pieces - silk dresses in a boxy cut, swimsuits cut high to hide the pelvis - will appeal to the girls who love to think. 

What we love: the white cotton sweater dress, the blue cotton one-in-all that exudes an easy elegance. 

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fashion Week: Costello Tagliapietra

What: separates!! The Brooklyn-based duo now does separates, a departure from their signature draping dresses.

Take away: easy elegance and color blocking dominates this collection, as Robert Taglipietra and his partner Jeffrey Costello moved away from draping. (In fact there were virtually none in the 28 pieces collection.) Easy separates such as a colored cardigan is paired casually with shorts or pleated pants. When a dress does show up it's in a sheath that's cut close to the body. The color palette again represents the designer's signature water-color like richness in oranges, sea blue and purple. 

What we love: the floor length cardigan paired over a one shouldered maxi dress.

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Pantone's Top Colors for Spring 2014

This just in: Women's Wear Daily published the top colors of Spring 2015 from Pantone. As reported in the article, designers are using a more balanced color palette to offset from the bright colors of past seasons.

“What’s interesting is we’re seeing exciting and fashionable colors as well as more neutral ones. It’s not as though everyone is willing to wear the bright colors from recent seasons head-to-toe. There needs to be equilibrium, and that is a more serious word than balance. The world still needs the stability of soft neutrals but we’re not just talking about gray, beige and taupe,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone Color Institute’s executive director. “When Placid Blue is redefined as a neutral, more people understand that it’s not just a traditional color but one you can depend on. There is a reason people look outside each morning, knowing the sky is out there and hoping that it’s blue.”
- Excerpt from WWD

View full article here

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Your guide to Fashion Week's beauty & booze freebies just published a nifty guide to Fashion Week freebies (and most importantly - where to get them!) Just because IMG got rid of the press bag it doesn't mean the rest of us will go home empty-handed.

Enjoy! (Thank you -
A Night For Green Beauty
La Bella Figura and Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas will host "A Night For Green Beauty" tonight at the James Corbett Studio. Stop by between 5pm and 9pm for complimentary green beauty makeover and express treatments, as well as the chance to shop luxe natural beauty products. A portion of the night's proceeds will benefit Hair 2 Help. There will also be green juice from Press Juicery and organic wine.
Wednesday, September 4th, 5pm—9pm; 25 West 19th Street
The Allure Lounge
Allure and Maybelline New York are teaming up on a week-long NYFW lounge, starting Thursday at the Empire Hotel. Stop by for an express makeover and manicure by the Maybelline team, hair styling by the DreamDry experts, and product samples.
Thursday, September 5th through the 12th, 10am—5pm; 44 West 63rd Street
Beauty treatments at L'Occitane
The Flatiron L'Occitane outpost will offer complimentary beauty treatments on Thursday, as well as cocktails designed by PDT Mixologist Jim Meehan. If you spend $65 or more, you'll also receive a free L'occitane drawstring pouch filled with products, including the Almond Shower Oil and the Shea Butter Hand Cream. You can also cash in on a 10% discount here.
Thursday, September 5th; 5pm—9pm; 170 Fifth Avenue
I-DIY Denim Night at Levi's
Join Refinery29 at the Levi's store on Broadway for a night of "crafting jeans, craft doughnuts, and craft beer." There will be a DIY station for jean customization, as well as complimentary snacks: doughnuts from Donuttery, and a beer bar. Reserve your spot by emailing
Thursday, September 5th, 6pm—9pm; 495 Broadway

New York Fashion Week Kicks Off!!

Hello! After a brief hiatus from fashion blogging, the Fashionable Matilda is back to cover the New York Fashion Week. Watch this space for show commentaries, live videos this week. Follow our boards on Pinterest!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Musings: Uptown, Downtown

Only in New York would there be a "community look" that's distinctive of the neighborhood one lives in exists. In Brooklyn, you get all the "hipster" looks. In the Upper East Side you have the "ladies who lunches." In Soho/Lower East Side "models off duty" roam around the streets like the runway.  It's great seeing all these styles co-mingling in our fair, small city. But what about the "midtown" look? What is that?

Having recently moved from Hell's Kitchen to Chelsea, I thought a 20 block move wouldn't make a huge impact in terms of wardrobe choices in the weekends. After all, I come from a background of dressing corporate five days a week. (Dresses and killer heels, never a suit, unless I'd like to pull a Hedi Slimane Saint Laurent look.) So really, how much would my style evolve when it comes to dressing for leisure?

So it was out of ordinary when I plunked down money for a fur vest at What Comes Around Goes Around. Okay, it wasn't expensive (in fact, it was insanely cheap consider it's real sheep skin). But I surprised myself by wearing it all the time - running errands, eating brunch, going out to dinner with my family - and don't feel out of place whatsoever. In Chelsea, it's exactly the right thing to wear on a Saturday afternoon. At my old neighborhood, where the community consists mostly of young families and Broadway professionals, I'd feel out of place parading the exact outfit doing the exact same things 20 blocks south. Why do I feel this way? Is it because all the bright young things that live in Chelsea - and nearby meatpacking district touting the Milk Studio crowds - all share that same nonchalant luxe in the dead of winter?

The Chelsea look is more upscaled than the Soho girl but more relaxed than the Upper East Side madams. I can't explain it - it's neither uptown or downtown. Maybe the look should be called "midtown?" As Jen Brill (Chanel ambassador, Terry Richardson's muse and girl-about-town) once mused, "My downtown friends called my look 'uptown.' My uptown friends called my look 'downtown.' So what am I? Midtown?"

During a recent brunch, a group of bright 20 somethings walked into the restaurant wearing the most fabulous vintage - a 20s secretary blouse with red lips, a 70s print dress, a 80s Azzedine Alaia's bustier paired with slouchy paints - but the looks are modernized when paired with sleek black coats and sensible slim boots. A lady walked by with the most fabulous white bell-sleeve sweater I've ever seen - paired with a sleek Bottega Veneta leather woven hobo. These are the hi/low juxtapositions that only the Chelsea girls can do it so well.

I so need to learn a thing or two from this crowd.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fashion Week: Vantan Tokyo

What: fostering young design talents via the intl x-seed program of Vantan Design Institute in Tokyo

Take away: three designers with distinct aesthetics presenting their graduate collection.

What we love: Sagan's poetic prints mixed with soft sweaters. Designer Natsuki Watanabe's interpretation of the woman is delicate and frail with a dose of dreamy romanticism - which on the runway translate into wool sheath dresses with vintage rose prints, our favorite of the evening.

(Photos coming soon.)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fashion Week: DVF

What: rock n roll glam

Take away: You can't get more fun with Cara Delevigne (in her Cheshire-cat like smiles and flirty sway) opened the show in an animal print keyhole dress. The rock-n-roll vibe reverberates throughout the collection - one can see the influences of Rolling Stone's Mick Jagger in some (her suede wrap dresses reminiscent of Diane's own Studio 54 days), some in David Bowie, and overall a fun collection. Diane von Furstenberg has always been the champion of women, allowing them to express their femininity through easy dressing while maintaining the sort of glam that most designers are unable to accomplish in their aesthetics. Although the theme of "life is a party" isn't a new one for her, it is still refreshing to see her reinterpret this theme season after season.

What we love: the tuxedo wrap dress with leaf motif. Life's a party - drink it up!

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fashion Week: Herve Leger

What: graphic prints on signature body con dresses inspired by nature

Take away: surrealism is dominant in this collection inspired by Les Lalanne, an artist duo whose main subjects are animals and vegetation mixed in different mediums. The graphics are strong and to the point, with juxtaposition of delicate materials carefully laid on tougher fabrics. Designer Lubove Max Azria made the collection fit for all seasons by layering the dresses over sheer black wool sweaters. Overall it is a beautiful collection with a distinct point of view.

What we love: the black sequined bondage dress layered over sheer black sweater.

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Current object of obsession: Zara necklace

Current collection. Available at most Zara stores now.

In between shows...

What does the Fashion pack eats in between shows?

(Psst: lots of liquor, and no desserts for you!!)

Enjoy the show Ladies!

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Fashion Week: Son Jung Wan

What: Upper East Side Madame with a modern twist

Take away: Korean Son Jung Wan knows a thing or two about the "Ladies who lunch" in her native Seoul. As designer of a label who rakes in $34 million in sales a year, Son knows her market of affluent customers who needs a touch of sophistication thats often sought at the European collections. Luxurious fabrics such as mink and cashmere wool are used heavily in the collection, all come in an array of wearable separates such as fitted coats and sheath dresses. No detail go unnoticed, such as a nude pink slip dress decorated with mink lining at the shoulders, or a fox fur coat with horizontal sequined details.

What we love: the pink slip dress with mink shoulders. Why can't we wear more mink to bed?

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Week: A Detacher

What: avant guard meets world traveler. The theme of the show surrounds the theme of traveling and discovering new places.

Take away: the show opened with caftans in wool that evoke a sense of safari travel. But it got more interesting as city worthy pieces came in the form of boxy jackets, long tunics paired with pants, and feminine all-in-ones paired with sweater jackets. You can see the storyline through the clothes, as our world traveler (presumably a She) evolved her style based on the places she went. You can see the Stockholm street style influence, the London punk scene, and the New York girl plus more in this collection. Designer Mona Kowalska ended the show with various silk dresses in a world print - a perfect way to finish out the story line.

What we love: the silk dresses in atlas print.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fashion Week: Kenneth Cole Collection

What: urban warrior

Take away: Thanks to the digital age, one can pretty much watch a live fashion show in pajamas via streaming on the internet (and this is exactly what we did). For this collection, the designer sent down the runway a collection of wearable separates that are boxy in cuts but luxurious in quality. Think wool with lots of leather mixed with the occasional lace and metal. This collection has bells and whistles but not too much in terms of originality (what, Alexander Wang hasn't thought of it yet?). Cole, as the champion of warm coats and work wear, certainly delivered a collection that will appease the masses.

What we love: a tuxedo all-in-one that's perfect for the after work cocktails or parties, and a sheer cocktail dress with metal peplum detailing.

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Fashion Week: Costello Tagliapietra

What: dresses that drapes the body in sumptuous fall hues. Shirring mixed with hand-knitted sweaters and wool coats.

Take away: doing what they do best, the designers again sent down the runway a collection of ethereal dresses that hug the body in all the right places. Sensual viscose and silks are draped close to the body with occasional deep v necklines. The dresses float with the body as the model sashayed, with sparing use of airdye prints keeping things interesting.

What we love: everything. All 27 pieces of the collection.

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