Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Week: A Detacher

What: avant guard meets world traveler. The theme of the show surrounds the theme of traveling and discovering new places.

Take away: the show opened with caftans in wool that evoke a sense of safari travel. But it got more interesting as city worthy pieces came in the form of boxy jackets, long tunics paired with pants, and feminine all-in-ones paired with sweater jackets. You can see the storyline through the clothes, as our world traveler (presumably a She) evolved her style based on the places she went. You can see the Stockholm street style influence, the London punk scene, and the New York girl plus more in this collection. Designer Mona Kowalska ended the show with various silk dresses in a world print - a perfect way to finish out the story line.

What we love: the silk dresses in atlas print.

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