Friday, September 6, 2013

Fashion Week: A Detacher

What: cerebral fashion that's high on intellectual aesthetics but not so much in embracing the traditional feminine forms.

Take away: A Detacher is almost compared to as the States-side Marni, as  designer Monika Kowalska devotes her whole collection in exploring the introvert side of fashion - designs in complicated silhouette but drapes elegantly on the body that one makes you think about what's construed as the conventional sense of "beauty." In her program titled "lets do it together," Kowalska explored the inquisitive and intellectual side of her fans by seeking for emotional states of her wearers as an inspiration of her collections. Even in the descriptions of her rundown sheet - the items explained the emotional state of her models instead of describing what the actual item of clothing really is. A Detacher isn't a brand for the masses but it's easy to relate to pieces - silk dresses in a boxy cut, swimsuits cut high to hide the pelvis - will appeal to the girls who love to think. 

What we love: the white cotton sweater dress, the blue cotton one-in-all that exudes an easy elegance. 

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