Friday, September 6, 2013

Fashion Week: VPL

What: workout clothes for the modern millenia

Take away: VPL has always been the go-to for hybrid between lounge wear and sportswear. By presenting the collection at a Chelsea's private school gym (with models exercising with trainers), designer Victoria Barlett has moved beyond her "inner-wear turns outer-wear" philosophy by turning workout wear into literal sportswear that transcends beyond the gym. VPL (named after the abbreviation - Visible Panty Lines) , despite the cross-over, still functions her sportswear among the core principal of functions, comfort and versatility. A tee-over a sports bra can easily be transformed into an elegant top fit for dinner. A jacket with bat-wing sleeves can be the perfect accessory to a LBD. The fact that Barlett has transformed clothing into a multi-functional wardrobe says a lot about the versatility in her designs.

What we love: the strappy color-blocked flat sandals that look like sneakers. They go perfectly with any VPL creations.

(Photo credit: The Fashionable Matilda)

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